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PoSH offered by Suave Solutional

Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Providing a safe work environment, gender sensitization and preventing all forms of sexual harassment is a mandate by law. To ensure that the workplace is safe and secure, the employees, managers, leaders of an organization must be aware of what is and isn’t sexual harassment and what steps need to be taken to prevent, prohibit and address any forms of sexual harassment. Non-compliance will lead to hefty penalties, including cancellation of license.

Campus To Corporate offered by Suave Solutional

Campus to Corporate

Graduating from college is both exhilarating and exhausting. While there is a sense of achievement, there is also a sense of unpredictability as big adjustments are needed in terms of expectations and responsibilities. Preparing oneself for the right job, adapting to the corporate world and transiting to the professional culture can be difficult.

About Us

Suave Solutional Training & Consulting is a corporate training firm that extends training services for individuals, corporates and educational institutes in soft skills and behavioral training, enabling personal and professional growth. Simply put, our job is to build you as your own brand that showcases the true value of what you do.

Our solutions are designed by experts to accelerate productivity and facilitate adoption of solutions quickly and efficiently. The founders have invested more than 7 decades in military, people management, leadership, human resources and business consulting. We combine professional expertise and experience with your business needs to provide practical and sustainable solutions.

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The most important thing about a person is that person’s behavior. We enable you to pick the best choices available to you, so that you exhibit the best version of yourself.


The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our communications. We help you focus on the intrinsic aspects of communication.


Positive change always comes from adding resources. We aid you in building skills so your personality functions holistically.