Behavioral Solutions

Behavioral Solutions

The most important thing about a person is that person’s behavior. We enable you to pick the best choices available to you, so that you exhibit the best version of yourself.

Training is one of the many strategies companies are working on. While skills and ability is empirical, it is one’s behavior that largely determines success. Behavioral skills are the requirement not only for survival but for the balance of personal and professional life too. It is the hallmark of one’s character.

We, at Solutional, can provide that edge to one’s personality by helping them manage their thoughts and feelings, the contributing factors that causes one to behave in a certain way, hence making a positive difference. We strive, with our belief in the capability of people to adapt, to make a difference in their corporate and personal behaviour.

Some of our offerings under behaviour solutions are:

Conflicts are inevitable. Mismanaged conflicts are detrimental to relationships, yet when conflicts are resolved in respectful manner, it strengthens relationships. This course helps in the understanding of own personal triggers and ways one can manage and resolve conflicts.

Customer service is indispensable to organizations but the repetitive nature of the work makes it mundane. This course offers a fresh perspective with an element of fun to customer service.

We use negotiation in our everyday lives, both personal and professional.  This course helps us be better prepared when faced with different situations through increased awareness of the negotiation process we are accustomed to using and what might be advantageous in a given situation.

 In order to achieve great results one needs a constant source of motivation and ward off any road block. This course enables to steer through any hindrance to unleash one’s true potential.

We have been learning time management since our childhood and yet we find ourselves unequipped with this skill. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Instead of enlisting the to-do of your 24 hours, we help you figure out your priorities, so you can channelize your energy so as to make the most of your day.

Coaching program is designed for managers and young leaders who want to significantly increase the effectiveness of their developmental conversations with others. Participants learn core coaching skills, enabling them to move towards motivated action. Participants learn how to apply coaching skills in everyday workplace scenarios such as performance management, appraisal discussions, meetings, delivering effective feedback and long term succession planning and individual development.