Functional Solutions


Positive change always comes from adding resources. We aid you in building skills so your personality functions holistically.

The winds of change have engulfed all industry sectors making functional expertise the principal factor for survival and keeping ahead of competition. Realizing this, organizations have begun to stress on the importance of training and development, not only for keeping pace, but also to retain talent that is so important for survival.

Solutional offers solutions that are unique and interesting, solutions that are designed to enrich and empower the greatest assets, our people. Our experienced trainers, veterans of the corporate world, will make a defining and positive difference.

Some of our Functional Solutions are:

Whether lunching with peers or getting ready for an interview or meeting, every behavior speaks volumes about one’s personality.  Projecting the right image at all times is the key to winning appreciation, business and driving results.  

For any team to work cohesively, the team members must understand why they do the task that they do, how it ties up to the growth of their career and how the tasks adds to their long term personal plans for growth. A manager shoulders the responsibility of navigating though the everyday workplace goals and task assignments for the team. This course gives a manager greater insights to how goals should be set and how performance can be driven.

This program is designed specifically for students who are willing to step into corporate. The program aims at enhancing confidence that is visible to employers and you become their first choice.

Inspirational managers have the courage and confidence to endure challenges, follow through commitment, meet deadlines, and yet be compassionate and humble. While there are several leadership and managerial styles and personality types, there are some vital qualities that cannot be stripped off a manager. Those qualities are the essentials to be an effective manager.

People work better when they have a clearly set goal and someone to hold them accountable for their actions and accomplishments. This module covers the goal setting and managing performance, both professional and personal.

Providing a safe working environment and preventing any forms of sexual harassment is in accordance to the law. The module encompasses the scope, applicability, policy, scenarios and more.