Lead Others


The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our communications. We help you focus on the intrinsic aspects of communication

While getting things done through others is a core competency in leadership, the secret of Leading Others is rooted in the process of engaging persuasion leading to engaged follow-up. People who think that their job is only to create the strategy, the organizational structure and the processes, then to delegate the work to be done, leave untapped potential and tangible results for their business. Today’s workforce demands more authentic and personal relationships with its leaders before fully dedicating themselves to their work. This ability to create close and trusting relationships is at the heart of Leading Others.

Leading others begins with the reality of the leader. This means that true for-profit learning can only be optimized if it is relevant and meaningful to learners and can be applied directly to their individual situations. Our Lead Others learning solutions help current and potential leaders learn to energize and engage people, to lead change and to achieve or exceed desired results.

Some of our offerings under Lead Others learning solutions are:

Conflicts are inevitable and are seen everywhere. It is not necessarily a bad thing. If embraced and tacked effectively, it can solve major underlying problems and can bring about creative solutions. However, dealing with conflict can be very stressful and often leads to damaged relationships, bruised ego and disengaged people. This course helps in understanding, appreciating and steering through conflict situation, making every conflict situation lead to a positive outcome.

Most of us don’t learn about Executive Presence until we grow into careers that require leadership and influence. Executive Presence is the ability to connect authentically with the hearts and minds of others, encouraging them to take action towards a desired outcome. It is a quality all leaders need. Truly gifted leaders are recognized through their words and actions. The program is ideal for leaders who want to inspire and influence followers, gain confidence, create credibility and trust, and communicate more effectively. Attending the program will enable you to develop your own personal style and authentic presence to help you step confidently into any situation.

As humans, we often feel the hunger for feedback. However, many will say that when they receive feedback, it is often because they have done wrong. This one-day course is designed to help workplace managers learn how to give feedback anytime a message is due. Regardless of whether the feedback is formal or informal and whether it is provided to employees, co-workers or anyone else, there are ways to be effective and lasting.

This program will help participants learn why the way we deliver feedback is important, how to convey a message that people accept, and make the necessary changes and how to accept feedback that we are offered.

People who are good at project management and day-to-day activities understand the value of delegation. They are able to balance workloads, focus on strengths, and improve others. This interactive workshop focuses exclusively on delegation skills. During this program, we will look at the meaning of delegation, delegation models, barriers to successful delegation and a proven process for creating a buy-in, confirming authority, task monitoring, and rewards for good performance.