Lead Self


The most important thing about a person is that person’s behavior. We enable you to pick the best choices available to you, so that you exhibit the best version of yourself.

Lead self begins with each of us. Before we can start leading others, we must learn to lead ourselves. At Solutional, this means developing a deeper self-awareness about your strengths and areas of development. It is also about helping people to take a constructive look at their way of thinking and attitude to their contribution to the environment. Last but not least, it is about improving the fundamental management skills that are important for becoming a major participant.

Some of our offerings under Lead Self learning solutions are:

We live in a competitive environment. There are limited jobs, limited career progression opportunities, and most of all our own limiting beliefs. Every once in a while, everyone gets overwhelmed by these factors and needs a de-stressor, a stabilizer, from where they can gather themselves, and keep moving forward. Most importantly, it is imperative to find a constant source of motivation that is within us and not external. This course helps us discover our individual, unique motivation so nothing stops us from maximizing ourselves to our full potential.

Improve your ability to present by transforming yourself from the inexperienced speaker into a competent presenter through planning and action. Learn to hold your audience and refine your ideas with confidence, judgment and confidence in the message.

Being busy isn’t the same as being effective. Time management is about getting the tasks done that are the most meaningful to you. This course focuses on techniques that produce results even when the time is tight and pressures are high.